The benefits of the most advanced home security

There are many benefits to investing in smart technology. These fall into various categories, such as convenience, control and peace of mind. One of the most important is its ability to improve home security. Let’s look in more detail at how the best smart home technology can boost the security of your property.

Security gates

Integrating automated gates as part of your smart home security system enables you to effortlessly control who can access your property. Smart electronic automated gates can offer some of the most advanced home security in your property but fully integrating them with your CCTV and lighting system takes your security system up to the next level, giving you complete peace of mind. Paired with the latest intelligent smart technology, automated security gates are a strong barrier against unwanted intruders. Smart technology allows you to set clear boundaries and take control of exits and entrances at the touch of a button.

Light control

If you are away from home for any length of time – whether you are out for the evening or away for a week, you might be worried that passing members of the public may notice that the property appears to be empty. Opportunistic burglars look for unlit homes. You can use smart lighting technology to create the impression that people are at home by programming your lights to come on or off at a certain time. Any potential lurking criminals will be instantly deterred, especially when part of an integrated home safety solutions system with CCTV cameras and security gates.

Video entry systems

Video entry systems are also a very useful feature of many smart and secure homes. They can be motion activated for enhanced security. They enable you to view the entry point so you can decide whether to open the door and grant access or not, thus providing an additional security feature. This is also highly convenient for owners of large properties as you can handle calls at the entrance of your home without having to get up using a smart home remote control. A video entry system allows the caller to be viewed – sometimes in HD colour – to enable visual and audio communication. It is also possible to link an internet home security camera direct to your mobile phone. Entry systems can also be accessed through your smartphone – this means that even if you are away from the property, there is always the ability to see what is happening at your home and ensure that everything is in order. These examples of the most advanced home security currently available in the UK can be used to improve the security of any type of home.

Flood detection

Every year, water causes an untold amount of damages to properties across the UK. Did you know that smart home technology includes features such as flood detection devices that can warn you of potential dangers before costly damage is incurred?

The most advanced home security, such as the solutions offered by Smart Homes, enable you to easily manage all your devices from one place. This means that there virtually no room for error and saves a vast amount of time as you don’t have to walk around the house, visually and manually checking each smart homes security feature every night.

Compromising aesthetic appeal

In the past, security systems were visually unappealing today the least. Today, however, the most advanced home security systems are designed to be as unobtrusive as possible. The devices offered by Smart Homes can be fitted in an extremely subtle and discreet way, meaning that the appearance of your home is not impacted in any way.

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