Is it time to install your own home cinema?

Create your perfect home cinema

Bring the cinematic experience to your home. Queues and adverts will no longer be a concern with your very own big screen! We combine all the great elements of a night at the cinema to create bespoke home cinemas and media rooms each benefitting from enhanced audio and crisp high-definition picture quality. So the question is, is it time to create your own perfect home cinema?

Where to start with a home cinema

Elevate the everyday. This is the ethos on which Smart Homes bases its home services. With over 12 years within the industry, we strive to add premium electrical work into your home to offer you a smarter and safer way of living. Not only do we create specifically designed home cinemas, but we also can provide a number of other services, from audio-visual distribution and home automation to telecommunications and security. Our talented team carry out everything from the sale to the installation and aftercare, so all your cables only need one point of contact.

Where to start with a home cinema

Creating the perfect home cinema is not a quick addition to any house. Think about the initial logistics of creating the space. Will you be converting a room in your home, knocking down internal walls for space, or extending your property further? In certain situations, you may need to acquire planning permission, but worry not, as we have a design team on hand for this very thing.

The team at Smart Homes are highly experienced and multi-disciplined. With interior designers, architects and electrical experts, you will be in safe hands. From conception to fitting, there is a member of the team to assist and manage your project. There is a dedicated project manager who will stay in close contact throughout and will ensure every detail of your dream home cinema is executed efficiently.

home theatre
Perfectly designed home cinema
CGI cinema design
Home cinema 3D generated image

Bespoke design suited to your home

Whatever your style or current home’s design, our expert interior designers will work with you to create the ultimate home cinema or media room. Taking into consideration the size and shape of the room, we can design a setup for you that incorporates all of the latest intelligence and technologies in the industry. From the number of seats required to the size of the screen, we help turn every detail into a 3D computer-generated model so you can see the design visually and actively be involved in its every step.

Find out more about Smarthomes cinemas

If you would like to find out more about creating your perfect home cinema, contact us today. With our specialist knowledge and cutting-edge technology, we are able to bring the silver screen directly to your very own home, whether it’s a new build or not.

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