Smart home devices that enable you to save on your energy bills

There is no denying that energy bills and saving money have been on everyone’s mind recently. With the increase of utility bills, many have been looking at other actions they could take to reduce their monthly spending. The good thing is, that you don’t need to think harder, you may only need to think smarter to improve your energy efficiency and Switchplan can help you save on your energy bills. One way you could save on your energy bills is through smart home devices.

What are smart home devices?

Smart home devices have been developed using cutting-edge technology to automate tasks and make your day-to-day life easier. These devices often have been created to link up with a series of other devices that then link up to create a smart home system. From smart thermostats to doorbells, there is a vast range of products that can save you time and money. Often, smart home devices are controlled via your mobile phone or voice commands and have some autonomy to make decisions to benefit you and your home.

Smarthome Gas and Electricity

There are thousands of different smart home products on the market currently and it’s hard to know which devices will cut the costs. Here are some of the devices that offer full convenience and automation:

1. Smart meters

Many electrical suppliers now offer smart meters. These devices are integrated into your home so you and your energy supplier can track your energy usage in real-time. No more having to go out and take a reading, these devices will allow you to track your spending down to the nearest penny. Some devices have been reported to have seen a long term cost saving of 20%.

2. Smart bulbs

Similarly to smart meters, smart bulbs give you immediate control of your home lighting. Should you be heading out of the house or downstairs and realised that you’ve left a light on upstairs, you can quickly turn it off using your phone or a voice command system. Alternatively, rather than leaving a light on in the hallway for when you return home later in the evening, you can set up certain smart bulbs to come on at a certain time or turn them on via your phone ahead of arrival. While smart bulbs do have a higher price point to begin with, they do last much longer than the average LED bulb and have been reported to use around 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs.

3. Smart plugs

Smart plugs are arguably the most affordable option to start saving money on your energy right away. If you’re aware of an electrical item in your home which takes up plenty of energy whilst in standby mode, this device will allow you to fully turn off wired electrical devices using your phone or a voice command system. Air conditioning units, television units and outdoor lighting are just some of the appliances that can benefit from the use of a smart plug.

Start saving using smart devices today

Start your journey into creating a smart and money-saving home today. By investing in just one of these smart devices, you could be saving yourself hundreds of pounds in the future while reducing your carbon footprint and helping the environment. For complete home automation and control, get in touch with Smart Homes and they can design an automation system with you and your home in mind.

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