Smart home technology can not only improve your comfort and convenience, but it can also even help you to save money on your energy bills. Let’s take a look!

We love it when new technologies help people to lead happier, healthier and more cost-effective lives. Especially when that same technology allows households to reduce their energy bills and cut down their carbon footprint by using less energy. As we strive to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, the changes we all make at home can make a huge difference to our nation’s carbon footprint. All while making it easier to enjoy life in your home.

This is why our home automation solutions are built to your needs and requirements, helping to transform your home into the home of the future.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways our bespoke smart home technology solutions can help to transform your home.

Home cinema and entertainment solutions

home cinematic experience
Award winning cinema and media room

Christopher Nolan, Denis Villenueve, Martin Scorcese. Many directors in Hollywood talk about the sanctity of the theatrical experience. Unfortunately, their experience differs greatly from the one that most of us endure. This is why more of us are using smart home technology to equip our homes with home cinema solutions. So we can enjoy an incredible picture with 4K resolution, high dynamic range, wide colour gamut and incredible Dolby Atmos surround in the comfort of our own homes.

And think of all the money (and carbon) we’re saving by staying at home to get our movie fix!


We also offer bespoke security solutions. Gone are the ugly and intrusive systems of yesteryear. Today’s smart security systems are discreet, stylish and enable you to get an overview of your home’s security from your smartphone. Never again need you worry about who’s at the door or who’s loitering outside your home!

Smart Home Security Solutions
SmartCare Aftercare services


Another thing our customers really appreciate about Smart Homes is our approach to aftercare. We offer a comprehensive and flexible range of aftercare services, so you can enjoy complete peace of mind at a price that suits your budget. Aftercare services range from remote monitoring and maintenance to on-site inspections and upgrades.

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